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preferential option for #BlackLivesMatter

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “Black Lives Matter” vs. “All Lives Matter” arguments, and for me it again returns to the theological concept of the preferential option for the poor and/or oppressed. Simply put, God’s universal love extends to everyone, but God has a special concern for those most in need of justice and mercy, and that special concern does not diminish or take away from God’s universal love for all of us. If we are people of faith, we are called to also show that preferential love and concern, and sometimes that means taking a side. Or, as this comic illustrates, if there is a house on fire, you don’t prove your commitment to equality by spraying an equal amount of water on a house that’s not on fire and a house that is on fire. Tend to the house that is on fire, where people’s lives could be in danger. It doesn’t mean you care less about the people in the house that’s not on fire. It means you care about helping the ones most in danger at the moment.  #BlackLivesMatter


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