when the “crazy talk” starts

Some things to keep in mind as the horrific news comes out of Colorado:

Pretty soon there will be talking heads speculating Why He Did It.  As is the typical pattern for this sort of thing, the mental state of the perpetrator will inevitably be discussed, by people who have never seen his medical records.  They will likely make sweeping generalizations and continue to perpetuate stereotypes about people who are diagnosed with mental illnesses.  They might jump to the conclusion that this horrible act of violence, regardless of what motivated it, is proof that folks with mental health conditions are dangerous people in need of restraint and constant monitoring.

Two things:
A mental health diagnosis does not mean a person is automatically at risk of committing violent behavior.

A psychotic break can happen to anyone.  Anyone, under the right mix of circumstances, can experience psychosis and lose touch with reality and sometimes, sometimes this means that others are hurt.

Stick to judging the behavior.  Killing people is wrong.  Being mentally unstable is not.

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