a use for family and friends


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  1. jane greig

    so many same thoughts: brought up catholic, to always care for those less able to care for themselves, as i, my widowed mother and my bruv
    had care:- desperate homeless EX-service…
    no place in married quarters for widows & kids
    an old friend of my mother managed to pack us
    into her 2-up-2down (1952)
    in our time of need the only person who cared for us was an atheist
    when i was taught/ found love of music, jews and catholics were pretty much treated the same
    that’s why together we made such beautiful music
    but always giving……………

    so take power & pay no tax while people are struggling to make a living?
    the money they divert offshore or put into trust
    for their children would have paid for “hard working people”…..cameron’s great quote..
    vote winner…to have a chance in life
    so here we go again…….
    the scum always rises to the surface

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