the good friday victims

Dear Vatican officials, Bishops, and clergy who have ignored and systematically perpetuated the abuse of children for decades and are now in agreement with Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa’s remarks given this Good Friday:

You are not the victims.

The Roman Catholic Church is not the victim of “collective violence” akin to centuries of anti-Semitism.

Of all days to speak of “collective violence,” Good Friday is not the day for a Vatican preacher to speak of the Church’s victimhood.

Systemic, collective violence has been done to generations of children in the form of sexual abuse, to say nothing of the shaming, silencing, and withholding of justice from the survivors of abuse.  That is the real violence.

You claim to follow Jesus and his example. He was crucified because he sought justice for the oppressed.  He took the side of the ones who had been shunned by the corrupt religious leaders of his day who had warped the meaning of what it meant to live a righteous life.

It is hard for me to see your resemblance to the Crucified One, and that is a source of extreme sorrow and anger for me.

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Pope Benedict’s personal preacher has compared criticism of the pontiff and Church over child abuse to “collective violence” suffered by the Jews.
The BBC’s David Willey, in Rome, says the comments show the Church is continuing to defend itself rigorously and outspokenly against accusations of having covered up child abuse.
Rabbi Gary Greenebaum, of the American Jewish Committee, called Father Cantalamessa’s comments “an unfortunate use of language”, AP news agency reported.
“The collective violence against the Jews resulted in the death of six million, while the collective violence spoken of here has not led to murder and destruction, but perhaps character assault,” he said.

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