on the 7th anniversary of the Iraq invasion

excerpts from the article “Time for Rebirth: The US Antiwar Movement is Grieving, Dreaming, Growing” by Clare Bayard & Sarah Lazare
 from www.commondreams.org
A very real part of finding a human and
holistic approach to stopping war is also, simply, to make space to
grieve together. The sadness of this anniversary is not just about
this one day, or this one war. It is about global relationships based
on violence and dominance, about the ways in which these
relationships play out around the world, about the lives that have
been lost, and the lives that will be lost. And all of those who
survive, traumatized, occupied, brave and resourceful.
Mourning is vital to honor the dead,
and in this case, we are speaking about people who were murdered in
our name. Grieving their loss is critical to our own humanity as well
as affirming that all these humans who we’ve lost matter. Mourning is
a direct challenge to the implicit devaluing of Iraqi (and Afghani
and Palestinian, as well as those of U.S. soldiers) lives which
contributes to maintaining and justifying these wars and occupations.

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