In Gratitude

Thank you, Mary Daly. When I first read you as a young Catholic you shocked and scandalized me. But then, you gave me permission to question. Finally, you inspire and will continue to inspire me. Rest in Be-ing.
UPDATE 1/7/10:
I wrote the above quickly, and realize that I did not choose my words carefully.  I want to be very clear that although Mary Daly is an inspiring figure for me, I am emphatically not in agreement with all that she wrote (Sady’s post at Feministe describes much better than I could the conflicted feelings that will continue to arise from Daly’s words and actions).  My gratitude stems from the difficult work she did as a feminist theologian in a Catholic institution.  The battles she fought made it easier for women like me to not only study theology, but to create new theologies of our own, ones not dictated and forced on us by the Catholic hierarchy.

Mary Daly, radical feminist theologian, dead at 81
Mary Daly, radical feminist theologian and a mother of modern feminist theology, died Jan. 3 at the age of 81. She was one of the most influential voices of the radical feminist movement through the later 20th century.
Daly once wrote: “There are and will be those who think I have gone overboard. Let them rest assured that this assessment is correct, probably beyond their wildest imagination, and that I will continue to do so.”
And so Daly would like to say: “I urge you to Sin. … But not against these itty-bitty religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism — or their secular derivatives, Marxism, Maoism, Freudianism and Jungianism — which are all derivatives of the big religion of patriarchy. Sin against the infrastructure itself!”

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