a resource for burnout prevention

Over the years I’ve seen many people go through burnout.  It happened a lot to volunteers in New Orleans, and I saw it happen during my brief stint as a youth minister.  The activist community also has a very high rate of burnout.

This past April I had the privilege of working with the Youth Worker: Collective as they revamped their workshop format on self-care and rejuvenation for people who work for or on behalf of youth.  But the workshop isn’t just a professional resource for youth workers; it can be used in any community looking for new ways to avoid burnout.

In addition to helping draft the curriculum, I wrote a paper that explains some of the whys and hows of what we did  (I happened to be taking a pedagogy course at the time).  I tried to keep the academic jargon out of this draft, so hopefully it’s an accessible read.

The workshop curriculum and materials can be downloaded for free at the Youth Worker: Collective website by clicking here.  Use all or part of it as it makes sense for your particular community.  And if you’re in the Bay Area and would like some facilitators to do a workshop, get in touch with the folks at the Youth Worker: Collective.


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  1. Vincent Truman

    You’re so brilliant. 🙂

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