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I think that feeling a sense of righteous anger at this latest news would mean that I was also feeling some kind of surprise or shock. Sadly, the continuing injustices done to Palestinian civilians and their supporters is far too commonplace. The only difference in this latest injustice is that it is directly impacting someone I know, and that makes my sadness deeper.

I continue to pray for Tristan’s recovery, and continue to hope and advocate for a just peace in Palestine and Israel.

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Bethlehem – Ma’an – Israel has declared the shooting of unarmed American demonstrator Tristan Anderson in the West Bank to be an “act of war” in a bid to avoid compensating his family.

Tsemel, the civil suit attorney told Ma’an that the “act of war” designation automatically releases the government from paying compensation under a recently-amended tort law. Israel makes this designation “all the time,” in tort cases involving Palestinian victims, she said.

“If a process by which unarmed civilian demonstration is classified by Israel as an ‘act of war,’ then clearly Israel admits that it is at war with civilians,” said Attorney Michael Sfard, who is handling the criminal side of the Anderson case, in a statement circulated by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).
Anderson was shot at a distance of 60 meters while standing with a group of Palestinians and international activists, hours after the demonstration had been dispersed from the construction site of the Wall.

If you would like to make a donation to help with Tristan’s ongoing medical care, click here.


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