preventing more homelessness in NOLA

An action alert from the Katrina Information Network. Click the link to contact FEMA and other government officials.

(btw, I want to note that not all folks in New Orleans are OK with the term “refugee” to describe survivors of Katrina. But I respect the work that KIN does and support their goals)

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Action to prevent FEMA from evicting refugees

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe what people will do. Katrina refugees who’ve already lost everything and are living day to day in FEMA trailers are now at risk of being evicted from these trailers and being forced onto the streets.

We cannot let up. Our brothers and sisters in the Gulf need our support and solidarity now more than ever. People like you have already given so much support to the refugees, and now we’re asking you to take a few moments of your time to send a letter to President Obama, Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano and FEMA Administrator Fugate.


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