because “every” Catholic is blogging about it

There’s a lot I could comment on regarding the manufactured “controversy” of Obama speaking at Notre Dame, but I don’t think I’m ready to delve into that particular swamp.   I’m also reluctant to focus too much attention on something that ought to be a non-issue on the spectrum of Things To Be Morally Outraged About.

So instead I’ll link to commentary posted at The National Catholic Reporter by Vincent Miller, which has some good insights on the Notre Dame issue and the “abortionification” of Catholicism in the U.S.

Certainly there are serious differences on abortion rights, but there is much for a Catholic University to support and honor. But, once again, all other dimensions of Catholic concern are eclipsed by the sole focus on abortion.
The affair at the gates of Notre Dame illuminates a great threat posed to the Church as the bishops become increasingly identified with extreme groups in the public eye.

…Outspoken bishops have described Obama’s election as “apocalyptic,” his invitation to Notre Dame is described as an “embarrassment,” another thundered “We are at war!”

read the rest here


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