Tristan is one of those activists you see everywhere. Local, national, and international, whatever the justice issue, it’s likely you’ll see him in the crowd lending his support to a good cause.  I’ve run into him in a crowd of thousands on more than one occasion in more than one city, and his energy is inspiring.  He’s friendly and funny, takes great photos for indymedia, and I hope I can look forward to seeing him at many more actions in the future.

But right now Tristan is in a hospital bed near Tel Aviv with a serious head injury, after getting shot in the face with a tear gas canister by an Israeli soldier. Tristan was taking part in a peaceful demonstration against Israel’s illegal land takeover in Ni’lin, Palestine.  Another participant was shot in the leg.

I’m guessing that protests are already being planned in response to the Israeli Defense Force’s disproportionate use of force.  For right now though, I’m going to stay still and offer some prayers and let this all sink in.

UPDATE from Tristan’s family, via indybay, 3/15/09:

“Tristan’s girlfriend, Gaby, who has been tirelessly by his side, reports that he is doing much better. When the doctor asked him to put up two fingers he did so. Tristan recognizes Gaby and can squeeze her fingers in answer to different questions. He’s started his moving toes and his torso around a bit. This is welcome and wonderful news! We understand things can go up and down, however we are deeply hopeful that Tristan will recover. We are looking forward to when he is stable enough that he can return home to the care and comfort of his family and community.”


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