taking sides

As a Christian I try to follow the “preferential option.” This means when faced with a choice of opposing sides, I am compelled to, like Jesus did, opt for the side who is in most need, the side that is the most vulnerable, the side most in need of justice, the side most disdained and rejected by the world at large.

I opt for Gaza.

This does not mean ignoring the wrongs done by Hamas.  It does not mean I do not value the Israeli lives lost.  It means that I must side with those who are most adversely affected in this situation, the ones whose lives are most devalued.  Right now those are the people of Gaza, the ones being dismissed and dehumanized as terrorists (really, can a child be a terrorist?).

We are still in the Christmas season.  If Jesus was born today, would he be considered a potential terrorist by virtue of being born in Palestine?

I opt for Jesus.  I opt for Gaza.


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  1. I agree. There are so many Gospel references that could be cited: Parable of the Sheep and the Goats; Luke 3:18-19; and perhaps most appropriately, the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant (Matt 18:21-
    35). But there are so many more than those as well.

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