While you shop, don’t forget Iraq

Iraq veterans are in a unique position to be able to talk about what’s happening on the ground every day in Iraq. Today in San Francisco, they did more than talk about it.

Iraq Veterans Against the War have been conducting actions across the country that they call “Operation First Casualty.” Explaining that the “first casualty” in a war is the truth, they use live street theater to help people in the U.S. understand what life is like for civilians and soldiers in Iraq.  You can see a video of one of these actions here.

Today IVAW chose the streets and department stores of downtown San Francisco as their stage.  Click on the Indybay link below to see more photos of the action.

clipped from www.indybay.org

Members of IVAW invaded Union Square on the busiest shopping day of the year to bring attention to the war and occupation of Iraq

640_v_0177.jpg original image ( 2748x1844)

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