Fr. Roy Crossing Another Line

The National Catholic Reporter has a moving story about Fr. Roy Bourgeois and his decision to risk excommunication and his privileged position as a Roman Catholic priest for speaking and acting in favor of ordaining women to the priesthood.

Fr. Roy has inspired me for many years. He was one of the first people to get me seriously thinking about civil disobedience and radical action as a person of faith opposed to oppression. I continue to be inspired, and I hope that I can continue to critically examine the ways in which I benefit from unjust systems, and like Roy be willing to relinquish that unearned privilege in favor of a more just world.

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(CNS file photo, 2004)(CNS file photo, 2004)In his own words, Maryknoll Fr. Roy Bourgeois has “poked at a lot of hornets nests” along the way from soldier in Vietnam to committed pacifist and persistent critic of U.S. military policy. He’s poked at the presumptions of major institutions and systems, including, most recently, standing in opposition to the Catholic church’s ban on ordaining women.
But for all of the heat he’s taken, for all of the scary episodes that come with bucking the status quo, one of the most emotionally wrenching moments of his life occurred just days ago in the living room of his childhood home.
They waited now to hear what 95-year-old Roy Sr., devout Catholic and daily Mass attendee, would say about this latest in a long history of controversies involving his son.

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