Oppose Colombia Free Trade Agreement

During last night’s U.S. presidential debate, Barack Obama mentioned the Colombia Free Trade Agreement as one that he is opposed to because of the ongoing struggles of workers whose human rights–and even their lives — are threatened because the pursuit of profit is put before the needs of the workers.

Witness for Peace has been documenting ongoing worker abuses in Colombia, including recent violent actions of the U.S. funded police and military forces against striking sugarcane workers. Click on the link below to send letters to officials and tell them that human dignity is more important than money.

clipped from org2.democracyinaction.org

Support Colombian Sugarcane Workers Facing Violence – NO FTA!

Thousands of Colombian sugarcane workers in the Valle de Cauca, Risaralda and Cauca provinces – supported by the CUT, Colombia’s largest labor federation — have been on strike since Monday, September 15, calling for basic minimum labor standards. Sadly, the sugarcane companies and the Colombian government completely refused to negotiate with the workers and instead sent in state troops to break up the work stoppage. These workers have the right to negotiate their very basic demands related to their work conditions, and instead they have been met with repression by state forces who receive U.S. funding.� This latest repression happens on the heels of the Colombian government’s lobbying blitz in Washington, in a last ditch effort for the U.S. Congress to pass the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.� Congress needs to send a strong message to the Colombian government: NO FTA while labor rights continue to be attacked in Colombia.

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