It’s called Food NOT Bombs for a reason

In efforts to stop protests against the Republican National Convention in St Paul, police raided a house where Food Not Bombs does its work. And what kind of work do they do? Well, they have a long history of claiming food that would that would otherwise be thrown away and wasted and instead using that food to make healthy meals that they then give away for free. There are Food Not Bombs chapters all over the country (and probably the world), providing food to the homeless and hungry. As their name implies, they are opposed to war and poverty, and their actions of feeding people are a nonviolent means of protesting a world where resources are given to war-making instead of supplying for people’s basic needs.

I find it sadly ironic that police would raid a house where a Food Not Bombs chapter prepares food to give away. Among the items on the search warrant were “incendiary devices” for making–yes, you guessed it– bombs.

More about Food Not Bombs here:

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