Wish List

[update: the list and address below are out of date, check out the Common Ground website for the latest info]

Now that my household of volunteers is settled into our wonderful new live/work site in Mid City New Orleans, there are a few items we lack or would like more of as we continue our work. For instance, we now have a full kitchen, which means no more cooking with hot plates like we did at the last place, but it also means acquiring some extra cookware so we can use the fancy oven and range. Our office/computer lab is up and running, but it means we go through printer ink and toner like you wouldn’t believe. We’re also continuing to think and dream big, so we have some “big ticket” items on this wish list if you’re feeling especially generous. And while not necessary for our volunteer relief work to continue, we’ll never turn down donations of chocolate and other treats, especially homemade ones.

So here’s the list, please send what you can. You can also mail a check, or make an online paypal donation by clicking this link:


If you need a receipt for a tax deduction, let me know. Otherwise, just send off your donation to us at this address:

Common Ground Mid City
215 North Jefferson Davis Parkway
New Orleans, LA 70119

Thanks so much!


– 1-2 large pots with lids
– Large skillet
– bakeware (bread pan, muffin tin, glass baking pan, cookie sheets, etc)
– measuring cup(s)
– glasses and bowls
– forks and spoons
– Crock pot/slow cooker thanks Anita!
– oven mits &/or pot holders
– Bunn type coffee maker with a thermal carafe (or just a separate serving carafe).

– Fair Trade/Organic Coffee, whole bean (yes, it’s more expensive, but it’s so much better for coffee growers and for the planet–not to mention the better taste!)
– Emergen-C drink packets
– Nuts, Trail mix, dried fruit
– Luna bars, Clif bars or other protein bars
– cooking spices
thanks Leah (& Ashley)!
– gift cards for Sav-A-Center, Winn Dixie, or Whole Foods
– cash for farmer’s market produce
– homemade goodies (jam, preserves, etc)

– ink pens
– NEC Superscript 1800 printer (We’ve got the toner, but need a working printer to match)
– Staplers and staples
– manila envelopes, various sizes
– blank CDs
– packing tape
– gift cards for Office Depot

(Note: Since New Orleans already has unhealthy levels of toxins in the soil and water, if possible please send earth-friendly, all-natural cleaning products.)
– Laundry soap
– all-purpose bathroom/kitchen cleaners
– dish soap

– Toilet paper
– Hand & body soap
– Shaving razors
– toothpaste and brushes
– Gift cards for Walgreens

– Energy saver light bulbs
– large trash bags (15-20 gallon size)

– Vehicle w/ decent gas mileage
– Computer software (we use open source whenever possible, but we could still use a few copies of Office and Filemaker Pro)
– laptop computers (used are fine)
– $20,000 to cover rent & utilities for the rest of the year

Thanks again, and please continue to remember the people of New Orleans as they work to rebuild this amazing city.


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