Another chapter of "Victoria’s Best Laid Plans"

When last we saw Victoria, she had plunged headlong into a theology graduate program in the hopes of becoming a [cue superhero sound effects] Master Of Divinity. Alas (or, perhaps, thankfully), our brave protagonist discovered instead that she was all too human, and that mastering divinity would best be left to other souls. So, bidding farewell to the school on Holy Hill, she sped off on her bike and, well, had a bit of a crash. No bones were broken (what with it being a metaphorical bike and all), but internal injuries ranged from pangs of doubt, heartache, and a yellowing of the belly.

Feeling quite disoriented from the fall, she returned to the Midwest to nurse her wounds and rest a bit. She was welcomed into the home of her brother, her sister-in-law, and her 6-year-old niece. She spent the summer months riding her bike (the real one) all over town in search of the Perfect Cup of Coffee, and played fantastical board games (a Land comprised of Candy?) with her niece.

As the summer drew to a close, Victoria figured it was time to head back West. But what would she do when she got there? Would she return to Holy Hill? Would she resume her battles against the political forces of darkness? She wasn’t entirely sure, but she began to pack anyway, figuring she’d find an answer soon enough. It was during the packing that she heard The Voice.

The Voice really wasn’t a voice, more like one of those hard to pinpoint feelings somewhere in her gut. It said, “You’re going South.”

“South?” she asked. “South,” replied the Voice.

“But where South?”


“South America, South? Deep South, South? What do you mean, South?”


And so went the conversation that wasn’t really a conversation with The Voice that wasn’t really a voice, until Victoria realized that even if the The Voice knew where she was supposed to be going, it had a pretty limited vocabulary, and she’d have to fill in the blanks herself.

So now we come to the present day. Victoria has managed to figure out that South, at least for now, means New Orleans. She’s still not entirely sure what she’ll be doing there, but she’ll be volunteering in some way with the Common Ground Collective, and will most likely spend her time in their office, using her skills gained doing dreary temp work for a much more noble purpose. And maybe by going South she’ll figure out which direction to go next.


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