No internet access in jail

First of all, I’m OK. I’m back home in SF and very happy to be out of Miami. I was arrested while working as a legal observer on Friday evening, along with over 60 others trying to obey police orders and disperse from a peaceful assembly. We were surrounded by riot cops and had nowhere to escape as they pepper sprayed us. I spent 36 hours in police custody, and at a hearing on Sunday morning I and around 50 others pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of unlawful assembly and failure to obey a lawful order. We are now awaiting trial.

Compared to the treatment others received I’m in very good shape: I wasn’t pepper sprayed directly in the face as some were; even though my wrists are still sore and swollen from the too-tight plastic handcuffs, my hands and arms did not go numb like others in my paddy wagon did, and I was not physically assaulted (though verbally, yes). There are still people in jail, and the volunteer legal team is in desperate need of funds for bail money and the huge costs of receiving collect calls from correctional facilities. If you can help at all, please go to United for Peace and Justice right now and donate online, or send a check to:
United for Peace and Justice/FTAA Legal Fund
P.O. Box 607
Times Square Station
New York, NY 10108

And PLEASE contact City of Miami and Miami-Dade County officials, demanding that:
– all political prisoners be released
– that all charges against nonviolent protesters be dropped
– that police chief John Timony be fired

More info, addresses and phone numbers at

Thank you to all the folks who did jail support for me, I am forever grateful to you all.


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